Digital Solutions

ASTEC Digital is a leader in advanced, customizable digital solutions focused on supporting the Rock to Road industry. Our suite of digital solutions allows optimization and data-based intelligent solutions.

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Industrial Automation

Scalable and customizable to suit your specific needs, our new breed of control systems combines the time-tested expertise of ASTEC software with the cutting-edge integration of the ASTEC Digital platform. Reliable, configurable, and highly accurate, our unified, user-centric platform now includes highly intuitive graphic interfaces, remote access via modern mobile applications, dual workstation access, and more. The production-level data forms the foundation that flows up the pipeline to large-scope job/business management IT tools.


Facility operation has never been easier, faster, or more accurate than with this hard-PLC-based control. Due to the modular design, the system easily expands from a single stand-alone control to a total control system. PM3 combines ASTEC Digital’s time-tested software with new developments, creating the most cutting-edge solution for the industry.


Designed with the operator’s priorities in mind, DrumTronic brings asphalt plants to a new level of extremely fine-tuned automation and control through an intuitive user interface and dedicated hardware.


Designed with batch plant Operators in mind, BatchTronic allows exceptional automation and control of asphalt plants through powerful and easy-to-use visual software combined with dedicated hardware.

BC3 Burner Controls

Transform your asphalt plant efficiency with our state-of-the-art BC3 Burner Control System. Engineered for precision and reliability, it optimizes temperature control, ensuring consistent quality without compromising performance. Elevate your production standards and operational control with our advanced BC3 Burner Control System.

DrumTronic Burner Control

Take the guesswork out of burner operations. DrumTronic Burner Controls are an affordable and effective retrofit solution that can be finely tuned and profiled with separate air/fuel ratios. Improve the efficiency and safety of your burners.


Experience the latest burner control technology available and receive any faults in plain English! The ASTEC IntelliflexTM Burner Control System offers a new intuitive user interface that allows a system to be configured for the future. The system can control a wide range of performance and safety operations for an asphalt or other drying combustion system from start-up to shut-down.


Emulsion producers around the world are glad they chose EmulTronic for the automation and control of their plants. Based on the same platform as our successful asphalt plant automation systems, EmulTronic handles all emulsion production and storage phases with many levels of safety checks and advanced features. Sharing the graphic signature of all MINDS systems, a full graphical representation of the plant allows easy understanding of complex pipe layouts. Our proven XIO-dedicated hardware powers the system behind the scenes.


Use standalone for asphalt loadout management or integrate with our plant control solutions like DrumTronic and BatchTronic for a total production system.

XIO Controller

XIO industrial modules are designed and manufactured by us to handle all digital and analog inputs and outputs for complete control of your asphalt/hot mix, emulsion, or modified bitumen plant. Build to last: deployed at hundreds of plants all over the world.

Plant Telematics

Get the big picture of your operation with ASTEC Plant Telematics products. Multi-site plant management, production totals, quality control, material usage and inventory, and performance metrics dashboards allow you to get critical information about your operations and where and when you need it. We are constantly innovating to offer the best solutions for plant managers, operators, and business managers.


Not on site? No problem. Now, a mobile app integrates with desktop asphalt plant management software to monitor liquid tank farms, tank heating, and boilers remotely.


Keep track of your operations’ ticketed output with our LiveJob monitor app. The app gives you an up-to-date view of material being loaded out and other key job data. Use standalone or with our TicketManager.


Still using clipboards or walkie-talkies to keep your loader operators in the loop? LiveLoader displays all vital production information inside the cab of the loader on a digital tablet. Data is always accurate and always up-to-date.


Gain a 30,000ft level of your company's plants all in one powerful dashboard. Spot issues at a glance and drill down into production and job data.


Access live production data and analyze past performance effortlessly. Stay ahead with ASTEC Digital.


Leverage the power of data generated through TicketManager. Monitor tickets generated on-site, run reports, or export ticket data directly from a central office computer for accounting or ERP system use.


MaintenanceManager gives you an overview of your plant’s maintenance status. MaintenanceManager captures all maintenance activities for your plant in one convenient application. MaintenanceManager provides feedback to help you track and schedule tasks needed to optimize plant performance.


E-Ticketing allows asphalt producers to move on from paper tickets to meet DOT requirements and reduce paper waste. Tickets are generated automatically as asphalt is loaded into a truck so drivers, inspectors, and foremen can see them at any time.

Mobile Telematics

Our telematics systems allow service technicians and owners to protect their investment and keep operating costs low by monitoring a selected machine in real-time through a wireless signal, addressing any issues that may arise while the machine works. It also allows ASTEC customer service personnel to view the machine remotely and be there for the customer anytime, anywhere. The engine, hydraulic and electrical systems, grade control, and GPS location are all monitored in detail.


Experience the future of production insights with Guardian Telematics. Whether installed as an add-on or integrated from the factory, our advanced asphalt telematics device provides unparalleled remote monitoring, seamless interfacing, and secure control of your mobile assets.


Welcome to Peterson+, where managing your equipment has never been simpler. Our platform empowers you to oversee all your Peterson machinery in one centralized location effortlessly. Whether you're in the office or on the go, finding and locating your machines globally is just a click away.

Robotics & XR

Our automation solutions enable safer and optimized operations through remote or robotic processes. ASTEC entered the robotics sector in 2016 with the SiloBot, a proprietary device that inspects the structural integrity of asphalt storage silos. As ASTEC has gained knowledge and experience in the use of robotics, new applications are being identified and developed to bring even more value and resolution to inspection services.


A safer, faster, and more convenient way to inspect silos. ASTEC SiloBot inspection service uses an innovative wireless remotely controlled robot that analyzes, evaluates, and inspects asphalt silos for imperfections.

Extended Reality

See the ASTEC Digital advantage like never before. Extended Reality uses spatial computing to overlay rich digital content to your physical surroundings. This space-age tech enables countless practical applications, from equipment visualization to physics simulations and advanced remote assist.

Connectivity Suite


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