March 04, 2024

ASTEC advancing digital solutions for Rock to Road value chain with MINDS acquisition

ASTEC advancing digital solutions for Rock to Road value chain with MINDS acquisition

ASTEC Industries is building on its advanced digital solutions for the asphalt sector with its 2022 acquisition of MINDS Automation Group Inc. The acquisition has also allowed the combined company to provide even greater support and expertise to customers through the recently formed ASTEC Digital division.

The acquisition allows ASTEC to enhance its own innovative equipment solutions for asphalt road building, aggregate processing, and concrete production with MINDS’ suite of user-friendly plant automation and control systems. The March 2022 transaction followed ASTEC’s November 2020 purchase of Grathwol Telematics.

“We’re looking forward to innovating in this space and have plans to connect all our equipment on the Rock to Road™ value chain through one integrated digital platform,” said Eric Baker, vice president and general manager of ASTEC Digital. “The acquisition of MINDS, and Grathwol Telematics before that, allows us to give our customers visibility into the whole process and better insights into how to make their operations more efficient, safer, and sustainable.” 

ASTEC, which also has its own line of plant control systems, has spent 2023 getting to know the MINDS team and products and considering how to leverage the strengths of both companies’ solutions for its customers.

In the spring of 2024, ASTEC Digital will be relaunching its website. It will also, as of April 12, 2024, conclude Reliable Asphalt Products’ dealership arrangement for MINDS asphalt plant controls after thoughtful consideration by both partners and driven by a belief that ASTEC’s direct sales and support channels are best positioned to distribute and service MINDS products. 

Baker said legacy MINDS and ASTEC customers can expect the same best-in-class support from ASTEC Digital. “We’ll continue to offer both control platforms and support those to the fullest of our abilities and continue to grow them from there,” he said. 

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